AN Dizains - Bespoke and Unique Design Staircases.

Staircases - Curved and Straight, Simple and Bespoke Design from Timber, Stainless Steel or Glass!

Staircases, bespoke staircases, stairwell, flight of stairs, bespoke staircases or simply stairs, call it whatever you want, but we know how to make out of ordinary stairs a feature in your house. We will make special design based on your desires and then turn it into life by manufacturing and installation.
The first impression after installation is breathtaking customer silence, and only after few minutes words: "I could never dream about such a good looking staircase". And this is a true driven power for us to exceed the expectations of our customers. We always take the full responsibility of the whole project and combine most modern technology with true handcraft skills. After installation we leaving you as a proud owner of a unique staircase and you becoming a living testimony that staircases can be a true art.

Staircase models and staircase designs

AMMDesign is company specialized in manufacturing bespoke staircases with metal support and usually with wooden treads of all species of wood, but treads can be also made in many different shapes and we offer a large variety of materials such as glass, marble, granite and metal. We also manufacture balustrades with large selection of different models such as stainless steel balustrades, glass balustrades, industrial forging balustrades, handmade forging balustrades. Balustrades have wooden handrail or metal handrail. Our advantage is, that we are able to manufacture wooden handrails in different curves and shapes and it will take the exact shape of your staircase. We also offer wide range of other architectural metalwork and products from wrought iron.
Largest part of our staircase type are stairs with middle support. These middle supports can be made of square pipe, or carcass finished with sheets of metal and then treated to beautiful work of art. The last type has been applied mainly in production of exclusive and expensive stairs. We are also manufacturing fully glass staircases where treads and balustrades are made of glass and together they create whole staircase, which do not need any other support. It is also available to order different wooden staircases. We are manufacturing all types of wooden staircases such as staircases with risers, open plan staircases, winder staircases and other types of wooden staircase you wish and we can offer you all wood species for your staircase.
We also produce stairs with two side supports. Usually stairs with two side supports have counter steps (risers). But for narrower spaces we offer spiral stairs and space saver staircases.
Our selection of staircases and balustrades is functionality combined with true art. Please take a closer look at our staircases in production gallery and feel free to contact us for more information.