AN Design staircases and balustrades - about company

AN Design company have many years of experience in staircase and balustrade design and manufacturing.

In our company we have a wide range of staff, all specialized in their own profession. Therefore our production, price and quality are competitive and, thanks to them, the company is developing and growing fast. Thanks to the exclusiveness and quality of our staircases we had been able to raise demand for our stairs and work also in several European countries.

AN Design is specialized in designing, manufacturing and installing custom made ordinary and bespoke staircases and bespoke balustrades which are made to perfection. We are also manufacturing gates, fencings, awnings, elements of interior design and other architectural metalwork, woodwork and work with wrought iron.

AN Design`s staff is highly skilled in handcrafts such as welding, wood and metal work and also in assembly of the staircases. We also collaborate with glass manufacturers, stone producers, blacksmiths and designers and as a result we can offer a wide range of materials and different design options for your stairs. We can make your staircase the most beautiful design element in your home.

We guarantee you not only a beautiful staircase but we also take care of everything and take the full responsibility for the entire process from planning, measuring, producing and installing the staircase. If you like you can even ask for a 3D visualization of your future staircase and we will be happy to make it for you. In our opinion it is very important to plan the dimensions and design of the staircase even before make one.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any further information.